Toronto’s oldest dedicated career college for PSW training.

Osilla Institute has prepared its graduates for careers in the Personal Support Worker industry since 1983 serving thousands of students successfully during that time. Because of the quality of our students and their training we are well known in the industry and most importantly by prospective employers.

It’s How We Care!

Osilla understands that starting on your career path or transitioning to a new one is not easy. That’s why we are committed to providing more than just training. We support our students through all aspects of entering the health care field by helping to remove any barriers to success. How we care and our dedication to you our student will help determine how successful you will be in your new chosen career.

Long-term care and other support facilities have greatly increased because of North America’s aging population, which means steady growth for skilled, qualified and certified support staff. Personal Care Workers will be one of the highest demand and secured careers for the next forty years plus, as in Ontario by 2036 we will have 4.1 Million Seniors, 1 out of every 4 people in the province.

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Keys in Professionalism for Personal Support Workers

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