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Students will learn a full range of skills required to assist people with their personal and household needs so as to ensure their comfort and safety.  Courses focus on the abilities needed to create a climate that promotes the optimal physical, social and emtional well-being of each client.16

If you are a compassionate individual looking for a way to make a living that is both personally and professionally rewarding, becoming a Personal Support Worker could be perfect for you.

This PSW Full Program has 640 hours of training in total.  There will be 275 hours of theoretical training and 365 hours of practicum training.  The theoretical component of the Full Program is broken into 14 modules.  Students must attain a minimum of 70% and pass all the performance demonstrations.  The practicum training included 365 hours. Students will need to do 180 hours in clinical which they will be supervised and; 175 hours in community for volunteer work. Osilla can arrange the clinical and community places for students if they needed.

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