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PSW-08 Optimal Support

This module builds on the materials presented in the introductory module “interpersonal skills”. It identifies the support to be provided and significance of the support to the client.  Supporting the client to relearn routine abilities and issues of the rights of the client as a receiver of support will be presented.  The support or service contract is the framework within which the worker provides support to the client.  The worker must know the purpose of planning, the ways in which planning is done and the persons who are involved.  PSW will learn about implementing parts of the plan and communicating information accurately and without judgment, as members of the support team.  These activities are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the employers.


PSW-09 Personal Hygiene

The PSW is required to have knowledge, skills and sensitivity to provide appropriate assistance to another person, since a significant number of clients have disabilities that affect their ability to look after their personal hygiene.  Sufficient knowledge about the structure, function, aging changes and common conditions of the skin is covered.  The necessity of a positive attitude and sound interpersonal skills when working with clients experiencing a disability is discussed. The importance of supporting the client’s control over their own personal hygiene to the extent possible/desired is also covered, as is the need to respect the client’s right to make choices as to how they wish assistance to be given.  Throughout the module, sensitivity and respect for the client’s dignity and privacy while providing assistance is stressed.


PSW-10 Assisting the Family

This module assist students understand the characteristics of today’s families in terms of structure, functions, roles, lifestyles and relationships.  An understanding of the influence of cultural values, practices, religious beliefs as well as the effects of illness, stress, disability on family relationships will be emphasized as central to the PSW’s ability to provide effective support.  This module also explores the PSW’s role in providing respite to and assisting families/significant others and their children, including those with special needs.


PSW-11 Cognitive Impairment and Mental

PSW recognize that behaviors or changes in behavior can be related to illness or other conditions, such as cognitive impairment, substance abuse or mental illness.  Students learn how to identify factors, which can increase the risk of suicide and recognize signs of possible suicidal behavior.  They use approaches and techniques to assist clients with these changes or conditions in keeping with the support and report observations to the appropriate team member. This module will introduce the student to common psychiatric conditions, substance abuse and cognitive impairment.  The possibility of multiple conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression will be discussed.  The role of the family caregiver will be reviewed, as well as the importance of observation, documentation and reporting.


PSW-12 Ongoing Conditions

This module introduces the student to basic concepts of assistance as well as the general effects on the person of common disabilities, ongoing conditions and diseases.  Focusing on the importance of providing support safety, effectively and comfortable, the student has the opportunity to gain skills in necessary techniques.  Concepts of maintenance, rehabilitation and restoration are discussed, as is the importance of the support team in providing assistance.


PSW-13 Assisting with Medications

Students will identify purposes of medication, required instruction/information about medications to be administered, and cautions with regard to medications.  Students will develop and demonstrate skill in reading and interpreting information in prescription containers, and demonstrate assistance with oral/topical medications as well as eye, ear, and nose drops.  The importance of observation for both desired and undesired outcomes will be described.  Finally, procedure to be followed in the event of concern about, or problems with medications will be discussed.


PSW-14 Assisting a Dying Person

This module allows students to discuss the concept of dying as a part of life and the possible impact of life threatening illness on the person and their family.  Assisting the dying person to maintain a desired lifestyle and respecting her/his right to make decisions with regard to support are also discussed.  Specific approaches within the scope of the support worker to reduce discomfort or pain are covered.  Care of the person at the time of death, care of the body after death, as well as any procedures, which must be followed, will be discussed.


Module Outlines is published by the Ontario Community Support Association (OCSA).

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