Support for our Personal Support Workers

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  • May 29, 2016
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Osilla Institute’s biggest difference is we are Toronto’s focused one certificate program that only specializes in the PSW career, and why we know all parts of the career so well having had this focus for 30 years.


Being a Personal Support Worker is probably the most difficult jobs today. PSWs work is extremely hard and they are often under-staffed, work under considerable time constraints, and sometimes in environments that are not fully equipped or accessible. The job is physically demanding and can be emotionally draining as well.


It really takes a special person to be a good PSW to be able to perform the job well. PSWs work closely with our most fragile and vulnerable members of our society – our elderly loved ones and those with physical or cognitive limitations. PSWs are trusted to provide quality, compassionate care in a respectful manner.

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A PSWs job is not only about “completing a task”, it is about treating the person receiving care with dignity and respect throughout the process and ensuring their emotional needs as well as their physical needs are met. PSW’s do face a great challenge. The health care system is relying on lower paid PSWs to provide cost-effective solutions to meet the increasing demands of an already-strained system. The unfortunate part is that the current level of education a PSW receives in a 26-week training course doesn’t fully equip them with the background knowledge and skills they require to meet the high level care that the older adults require and at the standard that the families and health care system expect.

The founders of Attune Aging Strategies & Solutions, Jim Salituri (Physiotherapist) and Anita Salituri (Occupational Therapist), have been closely monitoring the changes taking place in the health care system. They decided to play a role in effecting future change, and to be part of the solution. Drawing on their skills and experience in rehabilitation, Jim and Anita Salituri design, deliver and help implement customized educational and skill-development programs specifically for PSWs.

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At Osilla Institute, we always see to it that we give our students the best training we can provide to make sure our graduates are competitive enough to face the real world. Being a Personal Support Worker may not be an easy job, but it’s truly one of the most fulfilling jobs!  And in order for that to happen we have created a specialized program to find the best fulfilling jobs in Toronto & the GTA for our graduates.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Personal Support Worker, please follow the link and fill out the form and we’ll schedule a time to come in for a coffee / tea / water and chat. J.  LEARN MORE!