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“For over the 30 years, Osilla Institute has been training PSWs and during that time we have received some great feedback from students and employers alike, we are very proud to share these testimonials with you.”

Student Feedback

“ I learned about Osilla Institute from my friends who attended this school for their PSW Program. The staff is very friendly and they will guide you through every step. They are well organized and very considerate.
As for my instructor, Mr. Tashi is an awesome instructor. He is very funny and you won’t get bored in his class. He broadens your knowledge and gives realistic situations which help a lot in the learning process.
If anyone asks me for a school for PSW, I won’t hesitate to recommend Osilla Institute!”
Suzette Navarrete
PSW Graduate 2016

I have had a wonderful experience at Osilla Institute. The Staff, the Instructors and above all the Management team have always stepped up and helped me out in every possible way. The course has been very informative and my knowledge base has really grown. I would definitely recommend Osilla Institute to my friends as a place of knowledge and growth. Thank you Osilla Institute! God Bless!
Helen Cortina
PSW Student 2016

Osilla Institute has made a great impact in my life. The staff are warm, friendly, outgoing, caring and above all very professional. It was a privilege attending my classes over the last year where I had the opportunity to build student relationships.
Osilla Institute has prepared me for my career as a PSW. I am grateful for this opportunity. I wish the institution and staff all the best as they continue to produce excellent health professionals.
Jacqueline Williams
PSW Student 2016

 Enrolling here in Osilla Institute was the best choice I made. I loved having a smaller class size because I got more one on one attention from the teacher and felt more comfortable speaking in front of others. I gained the experience and confidence I needed. In my 3 months here I had the greatest time ever and made some of the best friends a person could have. All the teachers were amazing!! They shared their knowledge and experience to us. They have also a very patient and approachable coordinator and staff and an understanding Director.
Judith Datulayta
PSW Bridging Student 2016

Osilla Institute, PSW, Personal Support Worker, Private Career College, Toronto, North York, Downsfiew

Employer Testimonials

“I was so intimidated by the process of finding someone to look after my 86-year-old father who suffers from Dementia. I was referred by a friend to contact Osilla Institute because they dealt directly with the school that trains PSW’s. I called the school and talked to the Director and she was kind enough to walk me through the process. She first asked me what type of care my father needed and from there, she recommended 3 PSW Graduates that she knew personally and who she felt would fit my father’s needs the best.

I interviewed all 3 PSW’s and hired the one that I thought would best suit my father’s needs and personality. Since hiring her, I have noticed my father has been more active and definitely seems to look forward to the days the PSW comes to visit. He is even eating better, getting out more and overall seems much happier now. I am so happy that I was introduced to Osilla Institute, and I would recommend hiring PSW’s from this school. No wonder they have been in business for over 30 years; they truly care about what they do and it shows!”

Shannon Young

Osilla, Osilla Institute, psw, personal support worker, health care, private career college, Toronto, downsview

Employer Feedback

“When we needed help with our aging parents, we were very fortunate to be able to discover the services offered by the Osilla Institute. The recommended caregivers are wonderful and continue to provide the services necessary with the utmost care and respect for our parents.

I highly suggest you contact Osilla for your care needs, and especially for your peace of mind.”

Bryan Ure