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Qualitative Mask Fit Certification

We provide the N95 Mask for all our testing

Mask Fit Tests must be performed before employer-mandated use of a tight-fitting respirator, per OSHA

In addition, OSHA stipulates that fit testing of employees must occur at least annually; whenever a different size, style, model or make of respirator is used; and when any physical change occurs that could affect fit (such as, for example, significant weight fluctuation, dental work, or other facial changes).

Ontario Food Handler Certificate for Personal Support Worker & More

Train Food Safety’s easy to follow course saves you time and money.

  • Government Approved
  • Get certified from home, work or on the go
  • Start right away and complete at your own pace
  • 30 days to complete course
  • Online training designed by industry professionals
  • Compatible with computer, smartphone or tablet




CPR C & Standard First Aid with AED training
CPR HCP With AED & Standard First Aid
Recertification CPR C & standard first aid
CPR HCP With AED & Standard First Aid Recertification






The PSW Certificate Program is for students who want to start an exciting and rewarding new career in healthcare as a Personal Support Worker.
Admission Requirements
The PSW Bridging Program is for students who are already Health Care Aides or Home Support Workers with a certificate.
Do You Qualify?

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PSW Certificate Program

The objective of the PSW Certificate Program is to help students master the personal and occupational skills needed to be an exceptional Personal Support Worker.

The program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to provide personal care and home management services to communities and institutional settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care facilities and private homes.

Students must be 19 years of age on the first day of class or have completed their OSSD. Applicants may request to write a test if they do not meet the academic requirements. The test takes about an hour in multiple choice formats.

Our success and our students success depends upon the quality of our students, so we also screen to make sure that you are a compassionate and caring individual looking for a way to make a living that is both personally and professionally rewarding. If so then becoming a Personal Support Worker could be perfect for you, however if not then we reserve the right to decline admission due to unsuitability.

While Osilla Institute does not offer OSAP program assistance, we do offer a wide range of other affordable option for you to attend our college. Please fill out this form for more information.


Osilla understands that starting a new education and career path is not easy, nor is transitioning from the workforce back to school. That’s why we are committed to providing more than just training. We support our students through all aspects of entering the healthcare field by helping to remove any barriers to success.
Please call our administration office for Start Dates --> (416) 960-3081

PSW Bridging Program

This PSW Bridging Program has 350 hours of training in total. There will be 195 hours of theoretical training, 100 hours of practicum training and 55 hours of community placement.

The theoretical component of the Bridging Program is broken into 12 modules. Students must attain a minimum of 70% and pass all the performance demonstrations. The practicum training included 155 hours.

Students will need to do 100 hours in clinical placement, which they will be supervised and 55 hours in the community for volunteer work. Osilla can arrange the clinical and community placements for our students.

To qualify for the PSW Bridging Program is for students that are:
  • Health Care Aides - Canadian Graduate
    Home Support Workers - Canadian Graduate
  • Personal Support Worker - Canadian Graduate
  • Nurse or Registered Nurse – Domestic or Foreign Trained with Degree in Nursing
  • Practical Nurse: Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) – Domestic or Foreign Trained

Healthcare workers are in demand

By 2036 Ontario will be home to 4.1 million Seniors - that's 1 out of every 4 people in the province!

Osilla Institute has prepared thousands of students for careers in the healthcare industry since 1983 and helped them obtain employment after graduation.
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Why Choose Osilla?

For over the 30 years Osilla Institute has been training PSWs and providing quality workers for employers to meet their healthcare needs.
Osilla is well known in the healthcare industry for producing high quality professionals, and our graduates are consistently sought out by prospective employers.
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We care deeply about each student's success and are dedicated to providing the highest level of job-seeking support in your new chosen career.
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Enrolling here in Osilla Institute was the best choice I made. I loved having a smaller class size because I got more one on one attention from the teacher and felt more comfortable speaking in front of others. I gained the experience and confidence I needed. In my 3 months here I had the greatest time ever and made some of the best friends a person could have. All the teachers were amazing!! They shared their knowledge and experience to us. They have also a very patient and approachable coordinator and staff and an understanding Director.
Judith Datulayta

Judith Datulayta


I learned about Osilla Institute from my friends who attended this school for their PSW Program. The staff is very friendly and they will guide you through every step. They are well organized and very considerate. As for my instructor, Mr. Tashi is an awesome instructor. He is very funny and you won’t get bored in his class. He broadens your knowledge and gives realistic situations which help a lot in the learning process. If anyone asks me for a school for PSW, I won’t hesitate to recommend Osilla Institute!
Suzette Navarrete

Suzette Navarrete


When we needed help with our aging parents, we were very fortunate to be able to discover the services offered by the Osilla Institute. The recommended caregivers are wonderful and continue to provide the services necessary with the utmost care and respect for our parents. I highly suggest you contact Osilla for your care needs, and especially for your peace of mind.
Bryan Ure

Bryan Ure

Osilla PSW Employer

I have had a wonderful experience at Osilla Institute. The Staff, the Instructors and above all the Management team have always stepped up and helped me out in every possible way. The course has been very informative and my knowledge base has really grown. I would definitely recommend Osilla Institute to my friends as a place of knowledge and growth. Thank you Osilla Institute! God Bless!
Helen Cortina

Helen Cortina


Osilla Institute has made a great impact in my life. The staff are warm, friendly, outgoing, caring and above all very professional. It was a privilege attending my classes over the last year where I had the opportunity to build student relationships. Osilla Institute has prepared me for my career as a PSW. I am grateful for this opportunity. I wish the institution and staff all the best as they continue to produce excellent health professionals.
Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams



How we care and our dedication to each and every one of our students helps determine how successful they are in their new chosen career.


Osilla understands that starting on your career path or transitioning to a new one is not easy. That’s why we are committed to providing more than just training. We support our students through all aspects of entering the health care field by helping to remove any barriers to success.


Osilla understands that starting on your career path or transitioning to a new one is not easy. That’s why we are committed to providing more than just training. We support our students through all aspects of entering the health care field by helping to remove any barriers to success.


Osilla understands that starting on your career path or transitioning to a new one is not easy. That’s why we are committed to providing more than just training. We support our students through all aspects of entering the health care field by helping to remove any barriers to success.

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May 2024

What is a Personal Support Worker (PSW)?

Osilla offers a PSW Certificate Program and a PSW Bridging Program to meet the needs of students who have different backgrounds in the PSW field.
A Personal Support Worker (PSW) is a health care worker that provides care to those who are not able to care for themselves. This includes seniors, individuals with physical disabilities and individuals with mental disabilities.

They are caring support providers who help people with activities of daily living to maintain their dignity, whether they are living at home or in long-term care facilities. In addition, PSWs function as integral members of the health care team to communicate with the clients, their families and health care teams.

The following are a PSW’s major duties and responsibilities:
  • Co-operates with all members of the health team
  • Promotes safety and works in a safe manner
  • Assists with range of motion exercises and other rehabilitative measures
  • Changes bed linen, towels and performs laundry related tasks
  • Assists with all aspects of personal hygiene including collecting specimens for required medical tests
  • Takes and records blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respiration, body weight and height
  • Assists with ambulation and mobilization of patients
  • Works as a supportive care worker for palliative care and hospice patients
  • Teaches life skills
  • Observes and reports clinical and treatment findings, behavioural changes and changes in ongoing conditions
  • Maintains records and documents procedures
  • Provides emotional support to patients and families
  • Assists with meal preparation, grocery shopping, feeding, dietary planning, food handling
  • Practices universal precautions and maintains a clean working environment
  • Assists with oxygen therapy, hot and cold applications
  • Awareness of common allergies and related CPR/First Aid measures


Don't let monetary concerns stop you from achieving your career dreams.

At Osilla we often help students with the application process for financial aid, so if you think you'll need assistance in order to attend the PSW Certificate Program or PSW Bridging Program, give us a call.

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