If you value the personal connection made from helping someone in need, there are few careers that are more rewarding  than that of a Personal Support Worker (PSW). These caring professionals spend time with the members of our communities who need it most, promoting their emotional and physical wellbeing by helping with the routine activities of daily life, following care or service plans and established procedures. Your best option for training for this great career is Osilla Institute.  Our biggest difference is that we are Toronto’s oldest specialized PSW Private Career College and our experience and great faculty tell the rest of the story.  We are passionate about this career.

Students pursuing Personal Support Worker training acquire the qualifications necessary for employment in diverse working environments. Here are 5 top in-demand career paths for PSW graduates:

* Become a Personal Support Worker after Graduation

PSWs play an important role in the health care system, caring for people who are elderly, ill, or require assistance with daily tasks due to chronic conditions or other reasons. They must ensure the client’s environment is clean, comfortable and safe, while providing personal care and assisting with administering medications or changing non-sterile dressings.

* Become a Home Support Worker

Graduates with PSW training may find employment with a home care agency as a home support worker. These valued professionals provide the personalized care that enables clients to live at home rather than a health care institution, delivering well-defined services that promote the independence, dignity and mental wellbeing of the client with respect and compassion.

* Become a Resident Care Aide

These professionals work under the supervision of a Director of Resident Care in a retirement center or other long-term care facility, performing routine duties involving holistic personal care that promote wellbeing and self-determination. Resident Care Aides observe and report changes in behavior, assist with personal and social activities, and may also assist with admission, discharge, and transfer of residents.

* Pursue Nursing Assistant Careers once they’ve Earned Their Diploma

Working under the supervision of nurses, a nursing assistant helps patients with daily activities, such as bathing, that they have difficulty doing on their own. Their duties include numerous functions learned in personal support worker courses, such as assisting with daily living, providing adjunct care and patient comfort, and maintaining patient stability by checking vital signs and documenting cognitive behavior.

* Personal Support Worker Training Can Prepare You to Work in Restorative Care

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Restorative care aides help patients recover their physical, mental and emotional health through rehabilitation exercises, documenting status and changes, assisting with the established patient care plan. Personal support worker training includes First Aid and CPR instruction, family support, and comprehensive education in clinical and interactive health care.

Being a Personal Support Worker is no easy job, but it’s truly one of the most fulfilling jobs!  And in order for that to happen we have created a specialized program to find the best fulfilling jobs in Toronto & the GTA for our graduates. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Personal Support Worker, please follow the link and fill out the form and we’ll schedule a time to come in for a coffee / tea/ water and chat.  LEARN MORE!

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