Vaccine policy for all students, employees, contractors and visitors

Osilla Institute is implementing a vaccine policy for all students, employees, contractors and visitors who attend Osilla Institute campus. These policy requirements, summarized below, have a grace period until October 31, 2021.

All students, employees, contractors and visitors have until November 5 to be compliant with the policy. Those who are not fully vaccinated by October 31, 2021 and do not have an approved medical exemption will not be permitted in the office. The full policy will be finalized and posted online by September 7, 2021.

Some of the key requirements of the vaccine policy include:

· Anyone coming to campus must be fully vaccinated by October 31, 2021. “Fully vaccinated” means you have received a full series of doses of a Health Canada or Public Health Ontario approved COVID-19 vaccine and having reached the 14 day mark since the second dose (meaning you must receive your second dose by Friday, October 10 to be compliant with the policy).

· Fully vaccinated individuals will be required to register their vaccination status through a secure electronic registration system Classe365. The College will provide a detailed explanation of how to register your vaccination status in the next few weeks. You will only be required to register your full vaccination status once, unless new public health measures or government requirements are introduced. The College will not have access to personal health information, only confirmation of a person’s vaccination or medical accommodation approval.

· Individuals may apply for an exemption for medical reasons. Those with an approved medical exemption (after October 31, 2021) will be required to provide proof of a negative test result within the last 72 hours. The College will provide more information shortly about where and how you can get tested and provide those results.

· Based on direction from the Ontario Government, there are no faith-based or Human Rights Code related exemptions allowed.

· After October 31, 2021, those who are not fully vaccinated and do not have an approved exemption will not be permitted on campus.

· Before October 31, 2021, more information will be provided to employees who choose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and who will not have an approved exemption.

· After October 31, 2021, students who choose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and who do not have an approved exemption, will have their on campus studies deferred or transitioned to fully online delivery – if this method of delivery is available. Further information will be available when we have determined the process to implement this requirement.

Employees and students are reminded to complete the COVID-19 training module on Classe365 in advance of their first visit to campus this term, and the COVID-19 screening form each time you come to campus.

The policy will require employees, students, contractors and visitors to Osilla Institute campus to be fully vaccinated. Those who are not yet fully vaccinated, or have an approved exemption, will be required to participate in testing.

We will share more information about implementation in the days ahead, and in the meantime, the College strongly encourages everyone to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

Clinical Placement Facilities

If you will be attending your clinical placements, be sure you confirm with our program coordinator Lorbel Aritcheta, pls call our Administration office – (416)960-3081 whether you will require a COVID-19 vaccination before you are permitted to enter the host’s facility. Some facilities may require proof of a first or second dose and some may have a waiting period prior to entering the workplace. While on a work-integrated learning experience, you are expected to follow all policies and regulations that apply to your Long Term Care Facility.

Pop-up COVID-19 Immunization Clinics

In order to make it as easy as possible for staff and students to receive the vaccine, Osilla Institute has provided a link below for you to access locations for vaccination centers near you.

Please check with other local health units for regional immunization clinics.

Before coming to campus

Before you come to campus, you must complete the fall COVID-19 online training module via Osilla Institute’s Classe365 and also complete the daily COVID-19 screening assessment.

· Please go to your School’s FOL home page for direction on how to locate and complete the online COVID-19 training before the start of classes. We recommend you complete the training on a desktop or laptop as mobile phones and tablets will sometimes cause errors and the course will not load. · You can access the COVID-19 screening form on our website. It is mandatory to complete this screening each day that you are on campus, and you may be asked by College staff to show proof of completion.

We know you may have questions about the new Ontario vaccination mandate. Osilla Institute is waiting for additional information and does not have confirmed details to share at this time. We will update you on how Osilla Institute will implement the requirement as more information becomes available.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. We look forward to welcoming you this fall!

How to apply for an exemption

Students who cannot be vaccinated due to medical accommodations or other protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code may request an exemption. Students will be advised of the outcome in writing. Approved exemptions will include an accommodation plan and may impose restrictions on access to common spaces and clinical placement.

Exemption decision appeals (processes)

Once an exemption decision has been made, students will be advised of the outcome by phone and in writing. Students who wish to appeal the vaccine exemption outcome may do so by contacting Laarnie Tansingco, Director.

Additional details about COVID-19 precautions

Safety is a top priority for the Osilla Institute and that includes measures to protect our staff and our student community to the fullest extent we can. Vaccines seem to be our best defense against COVID-19 and the quickest way to make our shared environments as safe as possible.

We will also continue to follow crucial safety measures such as frequent deep cleaning of high-touch surfaces and common spaces and providing access to hand sanitizing stations. We ask all students coming to the campus to please observe all posted rules as required under public health guidelines, including wearing a full-contact face covering at all times in the hallways, common spaces and any publicly accessible areas (partial-contact face coverings, face shields and vented masks are not permitted).

From all of us at Osilla Institute we want to ensure to all present and futures students a safe environment for learning and to know we are here to help them in their journey to becoming competent and outstanding Personal Support Workers in our communities. We encourage all our students and graduates to get vaccinated to protect not only ourselves and families but our clients and fellow citizens.

Thank you,

Laarnie Tansingco
Osilla Institute for Health Personnel Ltd.